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Under Construction

Ok, u dont have alot of time before i leave, so i will try my hardest to get this web page up so u can learn after i leave if nessicery. Here is where i will add the code about tables and layouts.


First i will try to make the page, and once i got it all down then i will try to make it better.


To start a table you use <table>

To end a talbe you use </table>

To start a new row in a talbe u use <tr>

To end a row(and the last cell if u forget) </tr>

To start a new cell in a row <td>

To end that cell use </td>


When u start your table u can add other information like cell spaceing and/or a border.

To do that you simply use <table cellspacing="X"> or <table border="X">

assume that X is the size of the spacing or border that u want in pixels.

You can also combine these together like: <table cellspacing="0" border="3">


Coming soon...





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